This page contains links to the various lessons. Because this blog follows a path I’ve established for myself and my friends, you may not find what you’re looking for or, more likely, we’re going to slow. I will only activate the next link when I and my friends have largely mastered the existing material.

Have fun.

Phase I: Alphabet exercises

In this set of lessons, we will practice and learn the biblical Greek alphabet forward, backward, inside and out. Do not move to phase I until you have accomplished  these lessons.

The Greek Alphabet

PHASE II: Reading, Pronunciation, Word Recognition

In this set of lessons, we will comprehensively cover the BG alphabet, dipthongs, syllabification (i.e., word structure). By the end of Phase I we will be able to read and recognize most BG words. More specifically, we should be able to recite any arbitrary BG text as easily as reciting readings from an English manuscript.

Each lesson begins with exercises designed to familiarize us with the BG alphabet. The second part of each lesson are listening and vocalization practice. Here we will listen to the spoken BG over and over until we are able to repeat the verses.

Audio Exercises


Phase III – Reading and Word Recognition

Phase IV – Vocabulary and Grammar

In this phase, we will learn the basic rules of BG grammar and then apply them to the text we studied in lessons 1-4.

  • Lesson 5: Intro to BG Grammar
  • Lesson 6: Mark 1:1-8
  • Lesson 7: Matthew 1:16-20
  • Lesson 8: Luke 1:5-12
  • Lesson 9: John 1:1-5